Giant Bromeliad Frog

Osteocephalus taurinus
Steindachner, 1862
Madre Selva field station, Depto Loreto, Peru. January 10, 2011.

An impressive forest frog, O. taurinus is relatively easy to identify from the following characteristics: Large size (females up to 4 inches). Mottled flank, with either lighter or darker spots. Mottled, reticulated chest. Pronounced canthus rostralis. Pronounced nares, especially when viewed from above.  Loreal area may not be darker. Iris is gold to bright yellow, with uniformly radiating dark lines (strong diagnostic). May lack a light colored subocular patch. Eye has a narrow dark band running horizontally. Feet webbed to toe pads, hand webs small. Toe pads more round than oval. Light colored tympanum. Few or no noticeable tubercles or spines on dorsum. Mottled upper lip with no dark lip line present.

My Flickr album for this species is here.

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