Gray Eastern Ratsnake

Pantherophis alleghaniensis ‘spiloides’
(Dumeril, Bibron & Dumeril, 1854)
Lafayette Co., Florida. April 24 2003.

As we drove up into the yard, the trailer looked abandoned, but it turned out there were people living there amidst piles of debris. They graciously allowed us to prowl among the junk piled all around the property, and I spotted this snake almost immediately. This beauty was photographed in situ, coiled calmly in these low branches a few scant feet from the hullabaloo of dogs, kids, and snake hunters.

Technically, since this snake was found east of the Apalachicola River, it is considered to be an ‘Eastern Ratsnake’. At the time of discovery, it was considered Pantherophis spiloides. Since it’s my life list, and my rules, I am retaining this form, as another color morph of the Pantherophis obsoletus species continuum.

My Flickr album for this species is here.

HerpMapper records for this species are here.


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