Spring Peeper

Pseudacris crucifer
(Wied-Neuwied, 1838)
Union Co., Illinois. March 6, 1983.

It’s funny – after early spring, these little frogs disappear. After their breeding season is over, they can be hard to find. Where do they go? I thought it was just me, until I read James Lazell’s This Broken Archipelago, where he notes the same phenomenon to the east, over on Cape Cod. Spring peepers are not a pond frog – once breeding season is over, they retreat to wooded areas and other places that retain moisture. These small hylids can sometimes be found hiding in the leaf litter in moist woodland habitat, and a summer rain will often bring them out into the open.

My Flickr album for this species is here.

HerpMapper records for this species are here.

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