Isla Santa Catalina Threadsnake

Rena humilis levitoni
Isla Santa Catalina, Baja Sur, Mexico. September 4, 2013

The approach of bad weather cut short our time on Isla Santa Catalina, and in the last hour, Andy O’Connor found this snake crawling about in the beach cobble, just above the tide line and not very far from the water. I don’t know how he managed to spot it, but I’m glad he did. As per usual with threadsnakes, they are not very cooperative when it comes to photo sessions, so I opted for several ‘in-hand’ shots, in order to spend my remaining few minutes chasing down an endemic whiptail (success!).

My Flickr album for Rena humilis is here.

Baja Sur 2013 album is here.

HerpMapper records for this species are here.

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