Sonoran Desert Tortoise

Gopherus morafkai
Murphy, Berry, Edwards, Leviton, Lathrop & Riedle, 2011
Pima Co., Arizona. August 15, 2006

“Coming up over a saddle we found ourselves near the back of the Desert Museum, perhaps a half mile away. Here we made an exciting discovery – a young adult desert tortoise, out for a crawl near the trail. I was quite overwhelmed – here was an animal I had wanted to see for many years. It appeared to be a female, and as she crawled away I circled her, shooting pictures as she retreated into the shade under a palo verde. We did not pick her up or even touch her – our presence was disturbing enough. Her beak was stained green with whatever plant she had been munching on that morning. I thought she was beautiful, and for me she was the best find of the trip…”

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